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Guiding successful Careers and Companies Together 

Finding you Talent 

Whether you’re a single operator or a national chain, whether you’re looking for a CEO, VP, manager, chef, or anything in between, we can help. We conduct searches on all experience levels, for all restaurant, hotel, club, and food service organizations. 
You have a business to run. It may be a single location, or it may be several hundred. Either way, it runs a whole lot better when you can find and hire talented people. That's where we come in.
We've got over a thirty-year track record of bringing successful people and companies together. We’re always networking and adding to our extensive contacts. We do coffee, lunch, dinner, and brunch. We’re relationship builders. We talk to the movers, shakers, and rising stars of our industry.
The search for talent has never been more challenging. Top companies realize the need to supplement and strengthen internal recruiting efforts. Online ads and job boards produce lots of resumes, most of them you won’t want. We reach beyond the limitations of these ads and use our industry knowledge and relationships to approach and attract superior candidates.
Finding the best talent is half the challenge. The other half is communicating how joining your company is their strongest career option amidst multiple offers. By working closely together, we make sure the needs and wants of both sides are met. The insight we provide ensures that you put forth the most compelling offer. While important, it’s not just about the base, bonus, and benefits. It’s about sharing your team’s vision and the role this person can have in fulfilling it.
We’ve earned our reputation by building long-lasting relationships one placement at a time. Please call us to discuss how we can strengthen your recruiting results

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