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5 things that will get your resume ignored by an employer

As a job seeker, it’s generally common sense to put your best foot forward to garner positive attention from recruiters. The problem is that oftentimes candidates may do things that cause hiring managers to avoid them, without actually realizing it. If you aren’t getting the kind of responses you need from the companies you are applying for, perhaps you are doing one of the 5 things that can make employers ignore your resume?

  1. Failure to Follow Instructions – When responding to a job advertisement found on a career board or online job posting, you should really take the time to read the instructions and follow them. It’s surprising then that many candidates fail to follow this first easy step when inquiring about a job, which makes them look careless. Take the time to read the job ad and visit the company career page for more information before making this mistake.

  2. Not Qualified for the Job – You may see a job that appears to be interesting, and besides it’s with a company you’ve been dying to get on with. Before you click “apply”, read the job description and requirements before firing off your resume. Why? Because if you get in the habit of applying for jobs you are not qualified for and waste the recruiters’ time, they will ignore you on all future jobs.

  3. Generic Resume/Cover Letter –In an effort to save time, often well-meaning candidates will develop a form letter cover sheet and a generic resume, which applies to all jobs. While this may seem like an efficient way to search for work, it’s a real turn off for recruiters who can spot a cover letter or resume like this from a mile away. To avoid looking like a thoughtless job seeker, put some time into crafting an original cover letter for every job you apply to.

  4. Unprofessional Email Address – Whether you realize it or not, the email address that you use to send out your resume speaks volumes about you as a person. Avoid using an email address that sounds cute, sexy or funny. or are NOT appropriate emails to use, nor should you use your current workplace email addresses or a friend’s email address. Instead, opt for an email address that simply states your name so the recruiters can easily track you down to call you for an interview.

  5. Over-Applying for the Same Company – You may think that sending your resume to the same company umpteen times will get the attention of a recruiter there eventually, and in fact you are right. Only, you won’t get the kind of attention you want. Instead, you will give the impression that you are highly desperate and annoying at the same time. Be careful and don’t re-apply for a company more than a few times a year.

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