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No Tricks, Just Treats-Find Confidence in Starting a New Job.

Starting a new job is quite exciting. But it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking. After all, you don’t know anyone at this new company, you don’t know how things are done, you might only have a slight idea about their culture, and you may not know anyone other than the people you met during the interview process. It’s no surprise that you may feel some new job jitters.

3 Tips to Boost Your Confidence When Starting a New Job

No matter how unsure you may be on your first day, here are some important tips to boost your confidence so you can push fears aside and focus on success.

1 )Relax

Before you enter the new workplace, you need to take a few minutes to relax. Put your body and mind at ease so you don’t come across as short or tense to your new coworkers. Maybe you listen to your favorite music or podcast on the commute. You could wake up extra early to read a book or get in a workout. These are all different ways to help you relax so when you get to your new job, it’s a lot easier to roll your shoulders back, take a deep breath and walk in with a confident smile.

2) Remember Why You’re There

Sometimes the fears and jitters of starting a new job can make you feel completely inadequate to step into your new role. Fight the urge to be unsure of yourself and remember why you are there. You were chosen out of many candidates to perform successfully at this job. It’s important to also remember that your managers don’t expect you to be perfect right away, either. Take advantage of any training time offered and realize your employer realizes that it takes to time "settle in." Be a sponge. Soak up knowledge. Start building relationships. Put the time in. What you lack in knowledge in the onset, make up for in enthusiasm and effort. You want to succeed and they want you to succeed.

3)Normalize New

Starting anything that is new will automatically wire you to be a little bit, or even a lot, nervous. It’s how your brain is wired to respond to the unknown. So, instead of getting too wrapped up in your new job anxiety and fears, understand that all these feelings will quickly pass. The less power you give to things being new, the faster your fears will fade and you'll quickly gain confidence and credibility. Before you know it, you'll be making significant contributions in your new role.

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