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Understanding what is really important to job seekers.

What Do They Really Want? Understanding What Is Important to Job Seekers in a Position

When hiring for a position, do you think about what your company has to offer or do you put more time and energy into determining what the candidate really wants? As an HR manager, the goal is to get the right people in the right positions. That way, you don’t have to find a replacement in a short time and productivity numbers go up. You look good. However, many times, employers and HR managers are focused on what they have to offer rather than one what the potential applicant really wants.

What Do They REALLY Want Then?

What is it that the best applicant for the job really wants? What can you say or do to draw them in? Some of the most important things candidates want when looking for a job may surprise you.

  1. They want a competitive salary. This is nothing new to any hiring manager. However, it is important to have a compensation strategy that awards talent and skill to not only pull in those key candidates but to keep them around long term. Be fair and be in the ballpark of your competing employers.

  2. They want benefits. People are thinking about their future and they need to know what you can offer them to plan for it. Find out what your employees want in benefits and then structure a plan to make it happen.

  3. They want the potential to move up in the company in the future. This is particularly important for those who are proven professionals in the field. They want to be able to do something more than what they are doing at their current position. They want diversity and opportunities to grow.

  4. They want to balance work and life easily. This may mean not putting in 60-hour workweeks any longer. They want to be able to be successful at home, too. Having more flexible work arrangements keeps employees happy.

  5. They want a thank you. Perhaps most commonly asked for, employees want employers to give them appreciation for the hard work they put into their jobs. Sometimes, even going above and beyond gets people nothing. To be different, have a plan in place to encourage appreciation.

Overall, employees want the opportunity to fit into a business and be a valued component of it. Is your job offering providing this opportunity to the candidate? If not, it may be time to take a harder look at what you have to offer.

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