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Want to get ahead? Work on this.

Looking for ways to stand out at work? Trying to separate yourself from the pack? Want to impress your boss? It might not be as complicated as you think. All our Hospitality clients are looking for their employees on any level to possess strong people skills. In addition, it goes without saying ambition, enthusiasm and conducting yourself with integrity will always help to propel your career forward. Go back to the basics and as you improve these skills your boss and co-workers will recognize you are an "impact player".

Get Ahead by Mastering these Skills

  • Listen & Respond. Truly listening and giving relevant responses is the first major way to impress. So often, it’s easy to get distracted in conversations and meetings. It’s also common to only think about your response before the person talking has even finished their piece. Truly listening in meetings and conversations is very important and something everyone will appreciate. Stay on topic. Now is not the time to bring up the Presidential debates or to give a review of your newly discovered Ramen shop. Email is also used to get a quick consensus on the issues of the day. Read each email with full attention (same as listening) and when it comes time for you to respond, be thorough and timely and professional. Save your "can't miss joke of the day" for open mike night at your local comedy club.

  • Be accountable. It’s impossible to get ahead if your coworkers can’t rely on you. Be accountable and reliable. Confess if you’ve screwed up (we all do) and always put forth your best effort in the work you are meant to complete. Your honesty and accountability will help gain everyone's trust and favor-ability.

  • Be a team player. Working in the restaurant/hospitality industry, you are automatically part of a big team. Being on a team means you are open to collaboration and flexibility. Be supportive, open to new ideas, and be ready to help if needed. Save the eye rolling and sarcastic comments if someone has an idea you don't like. While maybe not as immediately satisfying, it also does not alienate or embarrass your team members. Keep it professional. You can disagree without being disagreeable. Play nice and everyone benefits.

  • Continue to learn. The journey to “get ahead” is never-ending. Have the mindset that there is always more for you to learn, always room to improve. Continuing to better yourself will set you apart from others and your boss will take notice. They’ll want to give more responsibility (reward) to the thirsty, thoughtful and trustful team player. All of us have heard these points in some form or another many times before. But it is always prudent to take a step back and review the basics from time to time so you never veer off course.

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