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Want to hire more rock stars? 5 tips to help employers.

You may be thinking about bringing new talent to your team. But you just don’t want new hires, you want star employees – ones that will propel your entire company towards success. With some guidance and a little extra effort put into your interviewing process, you can find those rock star candidates.

Follow these 5 Tips to Find the Best

Finding star candidates takes more than just posting an open position on popular job sites. It takes looking within your company for inspiration and guidance and even adding an extra step to the traditional interviewing process.

If you’re ready to hire rock star employees, look at these tips to help you find them!

  1. Get Input from Your Team. Start with getting feedback from your current employees. Ask them for input regarding the responsibilities of the position and the experience they think the new hires should have. Gathering input from your team from the start can help you hire a star employee while truly filling a need of the company.

  2. Ask Role-Specific Questions. When you are interviewing the candidates, ask specific questions about the roles you need them to fulfill. You should also ask them to describe specific examples in their previous job experiences that demonstrate their abilities to fulfill the needs of the position.

  3. Give an Assignment. Growing in popularity is another step to the interviewing process – giving an assignment to demonstrate qualifications and skills in a realistic scenario. After narrowing down some candidates, giving a short assignment to a select few can help you find the rock star you’re looking for. Another option would be to have them "shadow" a manager for a few hours. It helps a prospective employee better understand your culture and you can see how they interact with your team members.

  4. Don’t Underestimate a Star’s Value or Needs. If you’re looking for the best, you must understand that in this labor market, you will have competition. A rock star candidate could be fielding several offers. Most will accept an offer with the company they feel will be the best cultural fit, will compensate them fairly and provide them with future growth and challenges. A ping pong table in the break room and free donuts are nice but on their own won't attract top talent if your offer is well below your competition. Make sure your compensation package and other benefits like a 401K plan, bonus program, health insurance, and even vacation/PTO days and other perks are reflective of the talent level you want to attract.

  5. Posting jobs on traditional employment sites can sometimes attract a great candidate. But these ads typically generate quantity not quality. However, to ensure you are covering all your bases, enlist the services of a reputable, search/recruiting firm. They make a living knowing where to find the best people-many of which are currently employed and not actively looking for a new position. Even when top talent is actively looking to make a career move, they often rely on a trusted search firm to help them locate their next career opportunity. There is always a demand for quality candidates. Use these tips to increase your "hire" percentages.

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